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Our road to investment – From Pitch 1

I hope this becomes a journal and I can keep sharing various experiences as I pitch my new company to investors. Pitching is such a private affair. I will try to share my experience without bringing any negativity to those who I interact. It took Doug Richard 48 pitches to get funding. It took a friend about 80 times. These are good benchmarks to have. My strategy is simple: Speak to as many as possible Don’t discount West Coast and London to bring sanity Pitch 0 – Dow Schofield Watts A corporate finance house, but we are too small for them right…

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#NorthernStars – A celebration of Tech Entrepreneurship

I was late attending the finals of NorthernStars pitch event last night at UKFast organised by TechNorth missing all the 23 pitches, as a result of attending CommissioningLive, a healthcare event, but the feedback I got suggested that the quality of pitching in the North is now in par with London. This was perhaps the strongest criticism I had (other than called a talking shop, which was exactly the point of Techcelerate at the time) from numerous VCs who took part in Techcelerate’s Dragons’ Lair pitching events for investment.   Out of the 100 or so applications received, according to Matt…

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Alternative perspective on developing the tech ecosystem of Manchester

Today, we are obsessed with turning Manchester into a thriving tech city, whether its adoption of technology or creating new technology startups. We even have folks who are championing Manchester to become the 5th largest tech city in Europe #MCRTop5. This is all credit to Doug Ward (worthy of a dedicated blog post) and his merry men. But this aspiration is not unique to Manchester. As tech has become so sexy, every major city aspires to become the next Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, they all fail as Silicon Valley is unique and cannot be replicated for many reasons. During the heyday of…

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Night out with DotForge Accelerator

I was invited to dine with the DotForge team, their friends and the new cohort of 8 companies last night in China Town, Manchester. The most striking aspect of what I learned about DotForge last night was not that DotForge had come to Manchester, Colin Tan’s passion for helping startups nor how great the 8 companies are but their open invitation for others, who are not connected with DotForge to attend selected workshops. As far as I know, what goes inside a typical accelerator pretty much remains a secret, unless you are one of the Up Accelerator startups. Outsiders don’t even get…

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Startup Sales Advice from 3 Sales Champions

It’s not everyday that southern tech companies run sales oriented events in Manchester. I was glad that I signed up to attend NewVoiceMedia’s CloudFest event at Manchester City Football Club. I asked for one advice from each of the panel member. Fergus Gloster, Non Executive Director, NewVoiceMedia: Only hire sales staff after proving the value proposition and the sales process. Maria McMenamin, Sales Manager, Emerging & SMB UK, Salesforce: Tap into the Salesforce network by listing on the AppExchange.  Basil Choudhry, Head of Marketing, EPOS Now: It does not matter if all the questions are not answered. Get out there and…

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Thoughts from #TechNorth launch in #Leeds today

The Launch Until 8:00 am this morning, I couldn’t justify a reason to attend the launch of much hyped TechNorth in Leeds. By 8:15 am, I regretted my decision, and by 10:15 I was listening to TechCity CEO launching the event. Yes in Leeds! In 2006, except for few of us, tech entrepreneurship was not fashionable like today. Those naysayers then have become champions of the sector today. And it has been a pleasure for me to watch the transition. In early days, the effort of building the tech ecosystem rested with number of passionate individuals. In Sheffield you had Lee…

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UnifiedVU is open for business

Whilst this is not the official channel, going public always help me to commit more as I know I need to avoid the forthcoming embarrassment of no delivery. Without further do, I like to state that we can finally move from initial product development to start of commercialisation. Its true that we are probably 80% ready, but hey, this help us to change our mindsets and start focusing on the customer. I will post a longer article on our official blog later. We’ve also given attention to first and will update the website over the next few days to…

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8 questions I must know the answers to

Here I am wondering on a Sunday afternoon after a bike ride with Paul whether I have compelling answers to following 8 questions: Is the product ready? What is the product? What benefits does the product bring? Is it compelling enough for customers to pay for? Having tried the product, will customers continue to pay? What else could they spend money on instead buying from us, i.e. what other choices the customers have (alternatives and competitors)? How do you convince customers that my product will solve their problem better than anyone else could? What if they do not know they have the problem we…

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edocr exit party – thank you Manchester

Atlas Bar – all ready and waiting for my guests, the misfits As you probably heard, was acquired by Accusoft, Inc in March 2015. Over the years, many friends helped me to setup, launch and keep it growing, especially during the hard times. As a way of saying thank you to them, I held a party on 21st April 2015 at the Atlas Bar, Deansgate, Manchester. We were blessed with the hottest day of the year (so far), and my guests enjoyed a Spring BBQ. As Techcelerate was shut down in early 2013, it was the first time most…

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edocr Ltd renamed to Venture 9 Ltd

Just a quick announcement to state that from today onwards, edocr Ltd will be Venture 9 Ltd. This change was initiated as Accusoft holds all rights to edocr name. There are no plans for Venture 9 going forward other than to shut it down at some point in the next 12 months. Resources: Memorable quotes on my second exit Coverage of my second exit, edocr to Accusoft

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