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Version One & Routes to Market

I recently had the pleasure to visit Version One, which provides document management, imaging, electronic fax, email and forms software. I have been meaning to visit them for over a year, as they are located in Poynton, few miles from where I live. What is noticeable is that Version One has been recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in the EMEA by Deloitte. In fact they have won many awards than one can remember.

Interesting point to note is that Version One has achieved significant success rate with its reseller network. What is the optimum route to market for a software product, licensed as well as SaaS? As far as I know Coda does not use resellers. Yet they are a significant player within the accounts/financial system market. Most of the other players including Sage has adopted a strategy of using resellers. Therefore, what lessons can ebdex learn from these two case studies and what should be our own route to market? Our success depends on achieving the right balance between direct in-house sales and indirect sales. I appreciate receiving any views you may have.

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