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Breaking News….OpenCoffee Leeds Uno

Imran Ali has finally done the smart thing, after weeks (if not months) of thinking and taking in feedback for a venue and date to start the first OpenCoffee Leeds event. It’s finally happening on 12th of June, and then first Tuesday of each month. Imran is a well known figure, therefore has connectivity up and down the country, which should result in good turn up for these events. Imran described the event simply as.

Leeds’ first OpenCoffee event…Geeks, coders, bloggers, investors, entrepreneurs, designers, developers and anyone with a passing interest – share+demo+network

It took me lot more words to say pretty much the same. Well done Imran. In terms of OpenCoffee North initiative, from July onwards, following is the arrangement:

  • 1st Tuesday – Leeds – Imran Ali
  • 3rd Tuesday – Liverpool – Phil Blything
  • 4th Tuesday – Manchester – moi

I am currently discussing with a well know figure in Sheffield to organise OpenCoffee there. Will let you know when that’s organsied. Ed, I can almost see a smile on your face! This was all your suggesting!

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