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Forget SEO – Use edocr

Just now, I googled “e-invoicing”. Below are the results:

 crossgate google1

 crossgate google

Crossgate is at 10th place and this blog is at 9th place. What does this tell you? Crossgate has taken advantage of edocr to have a listing on Google first page for much contended keyword without paying a penny. How much has Microgen, AuthentiDate, Bottomline, Xerox, paypal, gandlake, accountis, AcuInvoice and Insearchofsolutions have paid Google to be on the first page? How much has OB10 and accountis have paid for Search Engine Optimisation? How much has Crossgate paid? Perhaps not a penny. 

So what has Crossgate done to achieve this level of success. They simply uploaded a document to edocr and tagged it appropriately. Here is the visually high impact thumbnail:

crossgate eInvoicing Services

What should Crossgate do now?

In order to achieve this level of success, Crossgate needs to continually upload their documents to edocr. Otherwise sustainability of this position will be short lived. We are also receiving significant amount of traffic for keywords e-invoicing and EIPP as well as for other subjects (cannot ignore the cheat sheets!). 

What can you do to achieve the same success?

So if you wish to achieve similar success why not start uploading documents to edocr today? Its free. If you feel it’s too much, why not outsource the uploading, describing and tagging to ebdex (or another service provider), as ebdex is happy to charge for performing this service. 

I assume that you now understand the power of edocr (if not please do tell! I am more than happy to explain). Once you have entered edocr, how do you ensure that your company receives the maximum attention? This is easy. On Home Page, there are two locations where you can have your documents displayed for a small fee plus to advertise on edocr.

  Per Day (£) Per 7 Days (£)
Document Promotion £75 £300
Featured Document £35 £150
Advertisement £100 £500

Conditions: Days must be used within a month of clearing the funds. You are free to choose the days (based on availability) but must include a Saturday and Sunday. Prices are valid for 1 week from today. Please contact me through if you prefer a different service to what is advised above. Please note that edocr reserve the right to change pricing any time.

It’s a market place

Our objective is to earn an income from above services every day. We also believe in the RyanAir and EasyJet model, i.e. all day slots must be filled. We are able to adjust above pricing to suit demand. Do you need any more incentive to take advantage above your competition? 

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