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Crowdsourcing development – Document Replacement

Some of customers have requested the ability to replace an existing document with a new document. We would like your help in firming up the specification. Lets take the following document as an example:

edocr Customer Manual

Our thoughts on the matter:

1. The flash document URL shall remain the same. This is important from SEO point of view, as for “customer manual”, this document page appears on’s first page
2. If the document is linked (including bookmarked), the URL shall remain the same for the link to work.
3. If the document is embedded (which we may or may not know), then the embedding codes should not change.
4. On, for each document, there is a specific, .jpg, .swf and .pdf files, so with (3) in mind, the new document must replace the existing .jpg, .swf and .pdf files
5. If replaced, is there a need to maintain the old document file? If so, the .jpg, .swf and .pdf have to be renamed, which I believe is not easy within Amazon S3 environment, where document store is based at.
6. If old files are maintained, what purpose would they serve? The reason the document is updated is to ensure public has access to the most up to date information. Retaining old files will only bring confusion to the reader.
7. The traffic information including stats must be retained.
8. Tags, document category, document rating and any comments must be retained.
9. Is there a need to add a statement to document description to highlight that the document was replaced on a particular date and time?
10. Of course, you can manually change tags, document category and document description
11. The document title shall retain the same as this is reflected in the URL

Are there any other requirements we missed out? You thoughts are very much appreciated.