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edocr Launches “edocr Exclusive” an exclusive club for our customers will continue to evolve and grow thanks to our valued customers. We want to help them beyond the growing capability of by developing an exclusive club for CxOs of our customers, where edocr Ltd will take an active involvement in introducing parties where we believe new revenue relationships can be established. We know this may become a challenge to manage as we grow from our current customer base today to many thousands tomorrow. Whilst we cannot predict the future in how this exclusive group will evolve, we will do our best to build a powerful ecosystem around by getting our hands dirty.

Let me introduce some of our customers demonstrating the diversity and potential for trade between each other:

1. First Hosted Ltd – NetSuite VAR
2. Horwath Clark Whitehill – Top20 Accountancy Service
3. Latitude Group – SEO specialist
4. Northern StartUp 2.0 – Ecosystem for early stage tech companies
5. Aaron & Partners – legal services
6. ThinSpace – ThinClient solutions
7. Calon Associates – Lighting controls
8. Accountis – e-invoicing and payment solutions

We will explore how this could be setup on-line through edocr so that we can improve communications.

We need to have many thousands of customers going forward. If you like what we are trying to achieve, please make recommendations to your customers, suppliers and friends, so that we can build our business, and continue to help you grow yours.