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You are never too old to change your life around

I consider myself a bit of a wimp when it comes to sports, e.g. I would never dare bungee jump.

Growing up, the only certificate I won was for handwriting when my friends played rugby, cricket, etc for school and clubs. Whilst working, I won a cricket award when my employer’s team (Merz and McLellan) got promoted to the next division. Whilst I scored few runs and even got few wickets, I was never that good at cricket. I’ve played Badminton and Squash for fun, but never really competed.

When I turned 46 last year, I took on cycling, after taking a lot of advice from friends and taking into consideration the experience I gained by supporting two charity cycling events (Dallaglio Cycle Slam and Virgin Strive Challenge).

Since then I had one cycle accident, but kept on cycling even in winter. I’m someone who easily catch a cold if I get wet the slightest. However, strangely, this has not occurred since I started cycling. I’ve also got slimmer, e.g. the suit I bought to meet Her Majesty the Queen last May is now loose.

My aim has been to complete a 100 km ride before the summer, which I achieved this month. Thanks to MaccMafia’s encouragement, I signed up to complete 83km (50+ mile) Cheshire Cat which took place yesterday, the 29th of March 2015. My aim was to just complete, given that it would have been the third time I would have completed a 80+km ride.

The weather gods were not interested in making it easier for us. It started raining heavily and got worse when the winds picked up. But the results were astonishing. I was 5 mins faster than the cut-off time to win a Bronze Medal.

cheshire cat 50


Nearly 3000 riders have entered the Sportive, but many did not turn up due to the poor weather. Even at the last minute before leaving home, I thought of cancelling. I’m glad I listened to MaccMafia guys and Hashini who encouraged me to complete.

cheshre cat 50 comparison

And a big thank you to my wife, Nishani for racing to Crewe and back, and for the constant encouragement. Next Sportive is on the 3rd of May in Cheadle. I am hoping it would be bit more easier, but believe it has more hills to climb.