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Growth of your startups post exit

There is nothing better than watching your attempts being nurtured under new management and ownership. In August 2013, GP Bullhound acquired Northern Tech Awards, which has become the key annual tech event of the North. Since the acquisition, it has toured Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and expect to hit Edinburgh in 2018. It’s an amazing event to celebrate best of northern tech companies. Since starting Venture 9, we have become a partner of GP Bullhound, in our efforts to help tech companies find growth capital, as well as explore mergers and acquisitions. In March 2015, Accusoft acquired, which has grown significantly…

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edocr Ltd renamed to Venture 9 Ltd

Just a quick announcement to state that from today onwards, edocr Ltd will be Venture 9 Ltd. This change was initiated as Accusoft holds all rights to edocr name. There are no plans for Venture 9 going forward other than to shut it down at some point in the next 12 months. Resources: Memorable quotes on my second exit Coverage of my second exit, edocr to Accusoft

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Review of 20 hottest UK tech startups of 2008 #Webmission08

Image Credit: Mike Butcher, taken at Bebo office, San Francisco in Apr 2008 The Tour In April 2008, 20 of the hottest UK techstartups toured San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. These companies have raised a whopping $95 million to date. The Companies were: DotHomes/Byteplay, Groupspaces HubDub/Fanduel Huddle Kwiqq Mydeo Rummble/Rummble Labs ShortFuze/Moviestorm Silobreaker Skimbit/Skimlinks SliceThePie TheFilter Trampoline Systems TrustedPlaces WAYN Webjam Zebtab Zogix Current Status 3 have ceased operations (Kwiqq, Zebtab and Zogix). 2 have exited (Trusted Places and DotHomes). 2 have succeeded with major pivots (Skimlinks and Hubdub). 14 are continuing as before. Funding Status No funding…

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10-Minute e-Mailers and the grief

We have begun to continuously monitor traffic, as part of providing real-time chat support through Woopra on Woopra is an invaluable service to our operations, and we recommend it highly for any tech startup. Today, we came across a new account which was continuously pinged, in fact 556 times today. As a general rule of thumb, we investigate any account that is pinged more than 100 times a day with the same behaviour, which indicates existence of a script created for whatever the reason. In this instance, each time was pinged, it goes through the same 3…

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5 Stages of a tech startup – Stage 1: Product Development

There are many ways to plan the growth of your tech company. One way is to split start to exit period in to 5 stages, these being: product development, product/market fit, launch, growth and dominance. And each of these stages can be further split into five key components, these being: milestones, team, product, funding and metrics. Product Development This stage runs all the way from the initial idea to setting up of the company, coding of your product, moving the product from alpha to beta and launch, building your initial team and raising the funding to sustain the operations, either…

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Recruitment II – Early Observations of Sri Lankan IT Market

Idea Stage Having made the decision to build our product development centre in Sri Lanka starting with employing the first senior PHP and Drupal Developer, I thought it might be useful in capturing my experience so far, at least for my own reference. In my previous post, I spoke about the challenges we face at due to lack of development resources. By March 2011, I decided to park my attempts to bring on board a technical co-founder on equity and concentrate on recruiting a developer from Sri Lanka. Friendly Recommendations The process started by inquiring from few Sri Lankan…

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Overcoming challenges

At, we never had it easy! I have changed teams many times over the last 4 yrs. At the beginning, I had a great team, but due to various issues, the team under performed. Then there was a period of about 15 months where no real development took place. In 2008, I outsourced complete development to an Indian company. This relationship also came to an end in 2010. Since then I courted with two individuals. These relationships ended well before they got going. Not ready to give up, once again, outsourcing looked promising. But having to work through project…

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What can you do today with

To help our customers maximise the use of, I am in the process of preparing a check list. The key question asked here is what can you do with today (not tomorrow!)? Create your account Claim and update your company profile – at this point, you become a customer of under edocr Essential or edocr Managed pricing plans Manage employee accounts by adding/removing accounts to company profile Upload documents Distribute documents Interact with documents Join Groups Run marketing campaigns Respond to prospects Use API for auto publishing where it makes sense Use support desk in regular basis…

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