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Do you need to be inspired to start blogging?

Recently (actually 22/03/06) I attended BASDA CEO/AGM event, where number of speakers presented their blogging experiences. Having read, Dennis Keeling‘s blog prior to this event, it was fascinating to learn the key reason why Dennis started his blog (simply to get a clearer informal message to his audience – BASDA members, press, etc).

From Dennis Keeling’s blog, I came across professional blogger, Dennis Howlett. Dennis has immense knowledge of the software industry, especially of the accounts and ERP sector. After a lengthy discussion, it became clearer to me that if used wisely blogging may in-fact help ebdex Document Exchange establish its brand identity quickly – basically allowing more people to be aware of ebdex than otherwise possible without departing large sums of cash.

From Dennis Howlett’s blog, I came across David Terrar, CEO of D²C Limited and Twinfield UK. David has launched Twinfield in UK recently, which is expected to revolutionise the way accounts software is used. Twinfield is another SaaS product. Let’s continue our discussions David, who knows where this might lead to…

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