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On Death Bed – How do you want to be remembered?

I learned yesterday that one of my business acquaintances father in law has passed away after illness. My wife also lost number of her family over the years. It is taking her a long time to come to terms with her losses. This got me thinking. How do I want to be remembered? What thoughts do I want to have just before I die? Obviously, we all want to be loved, and want to give the best possible opportunities for our kids. If you take family and close friends out of the question, what then?

I think I want to be remembered for leaving a legacy. How does one go about creating a legacy? My simple approach is to create a business (not an empire – would be nice though!) that at least the next generation can participate in. Is this ebdex? Time will tell, as this is my first business. Whilst the scope is there, is the structure flexible enough to allow internal change to meet future needs. I think the answer is yes. ebdex was set-up completely different to most other IT companies. In fact, ebdex is not an IT company. It is a commercial organisation with an Internet based technology solution offering. ebdex was set-up with two intentions, be the highest performing company in our market sector delivering superior customer service and be in tune to market needs (customer-centric market driven company). Obviously, we have to prove this point to our stakeholders. Only then can we truly claim “customer-centric market-driven” company status. The organisational culture must reflect this throughout from the most junior to the most senior. The organisation must also believe it can achieve this status. Only then can one have a chance of achieving it.

OK, so we want to be customer-centric and market-driven. What about product and operations? What about sales? Do we also want to remain lean? This is where we need our partners. ebdex believes in sharing risks and rewards with our partners. Can we get our partners to buy-in to the organisational culture we promote? What skills do we need to achieve this vision? Many questions…

I truly believe ebdex has a unique opportunity to change many aspects of the game. We must build the right framework today to allow that grand vision to be realised tomorrow. So if we do all that, will I be able to leave a legacy? Perhaps!!! What about you?

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