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Sony Ericsson P990i – the waiting game

I have been awaiting for this phone since back end of last year. Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse is promising delivery in May 06. I am not sure I believe any of them, as they both promised delivery in Q1 06 before.

What do you use and why? I am looking for an alternative if SE 990i is further delayed. David, thanks for your suggestions through Skype and your blog.

Update 1: Signed up with O2 and got XDA Mini S. Vodafone just lost me as a customer, as they were not flexible enough to upgrade my phone free and sign up for a higher tariff. Looks like customer retention does not form a strategic part of their business. Pity!! In ebdex customer retention is No. 1. That’s how our organisational culture will be built!

Ok. So what do I think about my new phone whilst its being charged. I have been told it has the same functionality of its big brother, the over weight XDA Exec. But XDA Mini S, is not a 3G phone. Will I notice the difference! No, as my old phone is GSM and I never used it for e-mails or web acess.

I know how I will spend my time tomorrow!!!

Update 2 It took me at least good 1/2 day to get the phone going. First, they had to e-mail me two files to set-up internet and e-mail access. O2 could have easily enclosed the contents of these two e-mails with the phone. I heard from other owners of having similar problems. My firewall stop synchronising with MS Outlook. O2 helped me sort this out by reading a help page from MS website.

I am disappointed with phone’s ringing tones. I suppose these can be downloaded. Overall, very happy! I am hoping this will last..

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