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Blogging Platforms

I have been chatting to Dennis Howlett regarding blogging platforms, as I recently decided to use wordpress as my blogging platform, moving away from Blogger due to less functionality.  Dennis has recently written an excellent article about blogging platforms. He summarises the article by saying……

Geekiness is pretty much a requirement once you get past the no-brainer freebies. Instructions for add-ins like Technorati, FeedBurner and so on are not as clear to end users as they are to geeks. But then it is important to remember that despite the ‘age’ of blog technology (it’s been around for 5 years), it is still evolving and end user assistance hasn’t caught up yet. Using an experienced person will save hours of frustration and, hopefully, a pleasant and useful presence.

As I am not a geek (at least not yet! Not sure whether one can be a geek at the tender age of 38!), I still need to spend time getting my blog to give the right look and feel. In the meantime, Dennis, do expect more requests for help from me.

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