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Sri Lanka: Cost of Imminent War on Economy and Business

Sri Lanka is currently going through a bad period. Smell of a forthcoming war with LTTE (Tamil Tigers, most ruthless terrorist group in the world) is in the air. Tourism is down. The hotel I am staying in, Trans Asia,  is nearly empty. People are keeping a low profile and keeping away from busy crowded locations. But life and business continues. People in here are used to worst conditions than this. Government is taking all it can to avoid repeat of another war.

However, this is having a profound impact on ebdex, which I am trying to address. We have lost some of our development team. Most of the Tamil staff has either left the country or in the process of leaving. So, I got more or less a brand new team to deal with. Always a problem, when you outsource! But I am putting a framework to stop this repeating. We will come out trumps! As Karan Bilimoria said, one should never ever give up!

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