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Entrepreneurs: Introducing Coupa – Open Source eProcurement – Is this possible?

Have a look at Coupa and then read Dave Stephens blog on e-procurement. He has a well experienced team – all ex-Oracle guys!  I am jealous Dave! I am doing the hard way and we will eventually get there – I meant building a superb team! Dave and I are speaking of linking both technologies sometime in the near future. We both have huge tasks of getting our first releases out! We both have missed deadlines to deal with. We also share some competitors. Here is what Dave recently said about Ariba:

In other news Ariba came in light on revenues… Again… But they say things are going really “well” transitioning the business to subscriptions. Of course, that was what they’ve been saying for the last 5 quarters also. I guess it depends on what the definition of “well” is. Sometimes it means on course, good, nicely, etc. But “well” can also mean ‘a deep pit you keep digging in the hope of finding water’… The stock is getting pounded after-hours, down 5.8%. On a more positive note, I really liked Ariba’s recent decision to ship a NetWeaver adapter for their supplier network service to tie into SAP.

We are yet to develop any interfaces with SAP. Our development programme ensures continuous development of interface drivers. It seems such a decision at Ariba is a big deal. In our case, this will become routine part of the business. The more interface drivers we have, the more systems we can exchange documents with. Simple logic – makes sense, don’t you think so!

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