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Who and What is ebdex 2?

Jane Harrad-Roberts of Marketing Projects spent few hours this morning with us to simplify our message. Let’s hear what you think about this?

ebdex enables accounts payable systems and accounts receivable systems to communicate easily.

Then we received a comment from John Clough on my previous article on what is ebdex, which got us to refine the sentence on our corporate website.

ebdex provides a secure, scalable, managed and hosted Business-to-Business (B2B) electronic document exchange that increases the operational efficiency and profits of our clients whilst improving their cash flow and their competitiveness, with almost zero capital expenditure.

Then Jane helped me to clarify our vision further:

ebdex’s vision is to be the owner and operator of the largest transaction hub in the UK and EMEA by 2016 providing document exchange solutions and related value-added services to all sizes and manner of companies.

Are above better or worse than the previous?

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