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Introducing Manoj Ranaweera – ebdex CEO for NW Start Up 2.0 Group

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Having asked others to introduce, I realised I have not really introduced me. So here goes..

I run ebdex, which was set-up 2 years ago to streamline the way businesses exchange structured documents with their suppliers and customers. It’s a hosted and managed service and can simply be explained as a hub and spoke solution, hub being the transaction hub. It is developed for end-to-end transactions with a web interface.

Our solution, ebdex Document Exchange has been available for commercial use since September 06. We are in the process of securing debt finance to take the company forward. Our current challenges are:

1. Build the team – we need to fill positions in Sales, Operations and Product Development. All three Director designates (for right individuals). We are also looking for a Non Executive Chairman and a Non Executive Director.
2. Sign up medium to large customers – we have some small customers, but need a sizeable organisation to kick start "snow ball/tsunami" effect
3. Funding – we need further funding within the next 12 to 18 months to meet the strategic business plan. This time, hopefully we would have ticked off all the boxes, so that we should be an attractive proposition to VCs.

What am I hope to get out from this event?

1. Change the environment in some way, so that start ups have a venue to network with other start ups as well as with the investment community.
2. I am hoping I will find individuals who can help me fill the current vacancies.
3. As always, looking for introductions to potential customers, or meeting them
4. Make the investment community aware that ebdex is very much alive and we have achieved some of the aims without their funds (yes with great sacrifice and difficulty), but we need their funds within the next 6 to 18 months depending on our sales efforts.

What I am offering:

1. I am looking for the second idea – this time, it has to be a team effort with external funds behind it.
2. I am also looking for consultancy opportunities

I look forward to meeting you all on the 23rd.

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