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Who is coming to NW Start Up 2.0 – the premier web 2.0 and SaaS event in the North West

I have just been sorting out the name tags for the event (shame on those who have not given me their names, company names and designations!). Here is a list of entrepreneurs who have brought or in the process of bringing products and solutions to the market (please note web developers, outsourcing experts, etc have been ignored):

  1. Anish Kapoor and Philip Hemsted  – CEO and Director (respectively) of Yuuguu – Solutions for teleworker – in private beta (first round funding by Rising Stars)
  2. Ivan Pope – CEO of Snipperoo – Widgets (seeking equity finance)
  3. Manoj Ranaweera – CEO of ebdex – Document Exchange with first application being EIPP (yes that’s me) (seeking equity finance + strengthening management team)
  4. Rhys Jones – CEO of Accountis – EIPP (Accountis is well established and funded) – I believe Rhys is working on some new ideas.
  5. Robert Wakeling – CEO of Wadaro – Mobile Networking Software (seeking equity finance)
  6. Sam Sethi – CEO of Vecosys (in addition running the UK TechCrunch franchise) – Sam is working on few ideas which have not yet been publicised.

This is not a bad start. So far 35 have confirmed attendance. The programme for the event is:

  • 18:15 – Doors open
  • 18:30 – Networking
  • 19:00 – Keynote speech by Sam Sethi
  • 19:15 – Panel and Q&A Session
  • 20:00 – Networking
  • 20:30 – Move to pub

Due to a family tragedy, Imran Ali is not able to attend the event. Sam, thanks for stepping into fill the gap.


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