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NW StartUp 2.0 – Was it Successfull?

We had a very successful gig last night, thanks to Sam Sethi (TechCrunch), Ivan Pope (Snipperoo), David Terrar (D Squared C) and those who attended the event. The feedback I received has been excellent, with some suggestions for improvement. Others want to know about the next event and the event after. I encourage you to submit your suggestions here. Special thanks for KPMG for sponsoring catering, IoD for the venue (thank you very much Lisa and your team for looking after all of us – apologies for the overstay), Haliwells for badges (unfortunately, I lost the lot in the pub afterwards) and Ivan for the T-Shirts.

My own thoughts are (taking comments from Sam) for the future:

1. hold a monthly event at a pub/bar. Format: Keynote speech + pitching opportunity for one company + Panel + Networking.

2. Every 3rd event is held at a corporate venue, e.g. IoD, KPMG, etc. Format: Same as above, with a better known keynote speaker with theme, e.g. enterprise 2.0 or podcasting

3. Every six months, hold a special event for pitching to investors 

There would be a small charge of about £15 towards expenses. Please let me know your views. The same format can be applied to other regions, if anyone is interested. Links to feedback:

+ David Terrar:

Time permitting, I will introduce most of the companies who attended. David has introduced some of them already.

The new official web site is at etribes, courtesy of Simon Grice. There is no intention to use in future due to its limitations.

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