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Entrepreneurial CTO Wanted

Are you a highly ambitious, exceptional and entrepreneurial Chief Technology Officer? If so, we want you to lead the on-going development of document exchange solutions for our clients. Your background must be in software development and solutions architecture, and you must have demonstrable experience of leading software development teams, meeting stringent quality, time and budgetary requirements. Experience of managing offshore software development teams is highly desirable.

You must be passionate about the solutions your team develops and must have exceptionally good skills in project management, quality assurance and control, and technical sales. Previous exposure to document exchange (not document management) solutions is highly desirable. You must be a commercial and technical innovator, always looking for that competitive edge.

You will be a key member of the Executive Team, reporting direct to Chief Executive Officer. Your high performance will ensure the opportunity to join the Board of Directors within 6 to 12 months.

ebdex is an organisation with significant potential. You will be given an opportunity to make a significant contribution towards realising that potential. There will be no boundaries to what you are able to achieve.  The Founder and CEO is a hardworking and fun loving character who is building a team of like minded high calibre professionals to take the company to the next stage.  ebdex now wants a passionate and inspirational leader who demands to join us on the exciting journey ahead. This is not an opportunity for the typical employee. Key reason for joining should be taking advantage of the opportunity to make a substantial return at exit within 3 to 5 years (trade or IPO). In this journey, you will be remunerated accordingly for your effort and performance.

Interested parties should email a current version of the CV in the first instance with a cover letter identifying why you think you are uniquely qualified for this role and what positive impact do you think you can make to the company. Please quote ref: 2006/CTO.  Contacts details are available through

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