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UBL 1.0 vs UBL 2.0

Here is a quick comparison of UBL 2.0 vs UBL 1.0

UBL 1.0 – Order to Invoice Process (8 document types)

UBL 2.0 – Now covering 31 document types

The 23 new documents are split as follow:

  • Original UBL 1.0 order-to-invoice document types (updated for UBL 2.0): Order, OrderResponse, OrderResponseSimple, OrderChange, OrderCancellation, DespatchAdvice, ReceiptAdvice, Invoice
  • New UBL 2.0 document types for sourcing: CatalogueRequest, Catalogue, CatalogueItemSpecificationUpdate, CataloguePricingUpdate, CatalogueDeletion, RequestForQuotation, Quotation
  • New UBL 2.0 document types for fulfilment: ForwardingInstructions, PackingList, BillOfLading, Waybill, CertificateOfOrigin, TransportationStatus
  • New UBL 2.0 document types for billing: CreditNote, DebitNote, SelfBilledInvoice, SelfBilledCreditNote, FreightInvoice, Reminder
  • New UBL 2.0 document types for payment: RemittanceAdvice, Statement
  • New UBL 2.0 supplementary document types: ApplicationResponse, AttachedDocument

Further information on UBL2.0 can be found from OASIS.

Question: Will UBL 2.0 become the de facto standard, killing eBis-XML and other standards? Please do share your thoughts.

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