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Introducing Microgen – eBilling or eInvoicing?

The term "billing" is usually associated with consumers, whilst the term "invoice" is used in the context of one business buying services or goods from another business. In the case of LSE listed Microgen, I believe, the term "billing" is used for B2B.

Microgen’s services include:

  • Managed services – rapid deployment and minimal up-front payment
  • Change management
  • Customer adaptation programme
  • Powerful credit management application to improve cash flow
  • Available on line for 90 days from date of despatch – can be stored longer

Most of the solutions you see in the market place are driven by A/P functions, but here is a solution that is driven by A/R. Refer to my old notes on market segmentation. Some of the key features include:

  • Delivery notification through e-mails – customer needs to visit the managed service to view the invoice
  • Invoices presented in PDF format for viewing
  • Invoices can be downloaded in CSV and eBis-XML formats into the accounting and financial systems
  • Other documents covered include statements, credit notes, delivery notes, etc.
  • There is also a BACSTEL-IP payment solution
  • Reporting and analysis

Microgen was one of the pioneers of EIPP, having established a foot hold in the market in early 2000s. However, the functionality provided seem to be limited when compared with rich models such as those offered by Accountis. The CSV and eBis-XML formats add significant limitation to integration with thousands of finance and accounting systems out there, but on the other hand it makes their model much simpler. The technology may need an overhaul to give more flexibility to customer requirements, such as use of web services and SOA, which makes connectivity simpler, and gives the opportunity to add further functionality.

Microgen does not seem to publish customer details on their website unlike other players in the market. What a shame?

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