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Burns e-Commerce, Accountis, OB10 and Causeway get new facelifts in 2006

I used to really dislike the website of Burns e-Commerce. Probably they hated it as well. Look at the new facelift given (launched in Dec 06). Not just that, there is a new logo as well. But I am disappointed with the followings:

  1. Details on the management has been removed. I know they went through some turmoil in the past, and now the board is limited to two directors. But this should not be a reason to not display who is running the company.
  2. I like the presentation, but cramming too many sketches into a limited space clutter the site.
  3. News is limited to recent news. There should be links to archived news.
  4. Nice to see a page for credits of images. Not sure whether this is mandatory.
  5. No blog or any sign of web 2.0 technology unlike accountis.
  6. I very much like the home page. Very well laid out.
  7. No real statistics – missed opportunity
  8. Gives the impression that they only have few clients – no recent wins

Accountis launched their new website in Oct 2006 incorporating some of the features of web 2.0. I cannot find anything negative to say about the site except perhaps it should be centered. What I like about accountis is:

  1. Live chat
  2. Blog – disappointed that Directors are not blogging here. I did complained to them about this.
  3. I like the layout of the home page.
  4. Statistics are missing
  5. Finally, all senior staff has been recognised (what took you so long Rhys). Missing pictures is a disappointment. At least now I know what Rhys Jones looks like.

OB10 also launched their new website few months ago. Again there are more positives than negatives. Only negative I can think of is no pictures of senior management team. On the positive side, there are now webinars.

Causeway infact had an expensive consultancy firm brought in to create the logo, colour selection and the website. I am not a great lover of orange. Much better site compared to the previous, though. Well done Philip.

As you can see, I am getting bit tired (its 23:40hrs now). Hence less details on OB10 and Causeway. Accountis used to have hell of a lot of information on their site prior to revamp. Causeway has lot more information now than their previous website. Others have trim down and have made them more concise and easy to find/read.

In summary, except for the colour of Causeway, all websites have significantly improved. Its a pity to miss out on web 2.0 technology. Accountis should consider adding podcasts and webinars and lead the pack. OB10 got the biggest geographical penetration – perhaps introduction of a blog would help. It is a missed opportunity for most of them for not linking to old stories. That’s it folks for the day…

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