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EIPP Market Analysis by Forrester

You can download the original powerpoint presentation from Forrester (thanks to Jean-Philippe Massin for the story). The title above is A/P EIPP. Once again, the theme is about purchaser-centric exchange solutions. I personally do not like the idea of segregating companies into purchasers and suppliers. In the long run, the solutions that cater for both will be the winners.

Colour grid is (years are 2003 to 2006 from left to right):

  1. Light brown – service revenues
  2. Dark brown – subscription revenues
  3. Light blue – Maintenance
  4. Dark blue – License revenues

Bit confusing with the title here, as it says EIPP market dominated by SaaS. SaaS implies that there are no license fees nor maintenance fees, as the solution is usually offered as a hosted and managed service. And Forrester has not recognised transaction revenue, unless service = transactions.

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