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Must have tools for blogging

Several months back, David Terrar tagged me on "must have tools" for blogging. Here is my list:

  1. WordPress – the host of this blog
  2. Technorati – ranking that is all important. I am getting closer to 100,000th mark.
  3. Qumana – Blog writer/editor
  4. RSS Feed – tracking other blogs – Now that I use IE7, there is really no need for bloglines anymore
  5. Mybloglog – unfortunately I cannot use this with my blog due to it being hosted by WordPress. However, it is useful when visiting other blogs to identify who else have recently visited those blogs. That gives instant credibility and also gives an opportunity to discover like minded bloggers.

I deliberately excluded sitemeter, as I no longer visit it even though I still have a counter on my blog.

As it is late, I will tag the same people again. Dave Stephens of Coupa, Philip Hemsted of Yuuguu, Paul Walsh of Segala, Ivan Pope of Snipperoo, and Gary Turner of Pegasus.

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