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Who has been most active in terms of marketing this month?

I just had a quick glance at key players in the EIPP (specially those who are considered to have models similar to ebdex) space including those who integrate with accounts payable systems. To my disappointment, Accountis, Causeway Technologies, Burns e-Commerce Solutions, and Tradocs have no news to share this month. How sad is this? These are companies with revenues, customers and history. Yet we all complain about lack of customer awareness.

OB10 managed to get just one story out. Congratulations! (yes I am being sarcastic!)

But the story with Version One is completely different. Look at the amount of marketing they have done.

Version One Ltd:

Do I need to tell these companies how important marketing is? Ok. I know at least one of the above companies have a very low marketing budget, but you can use free media such as blogging to your advantage. You just need to be bit more creative.

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