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Introducing TBiConnect – Another EIPP player

The following is based on an analysis of TbiConnect’s website.

TBiConnect is another UK based EIP player. TBiConnect passed the 3 million transaction volume mark in 2005 with over 60 clients benefiting from their services. They estimate a savings of 40 Euros per transaction. Further data and analysis is needed to understand this figure.

Soon after report of above figures, TBiConnect launched a new transaction engine replacing earlier third party engine they used. This engine is supposed to have achieved 10 times faster response times with less computing resources. I also understand that unlike others and ebdex, they have not build their hub using J2EE.

A sketch shown on thier website illustrates the document exchange between SAP R/3 and other systems. ebdex’s intention was to automatically translate the document/message at user end thereby reducing the computing resources at the hub. From this diagram, the translation seems to be taking place at the hub.

Another sketch shows the architecture, which supports ftp, smtp, SOAP and AS2. ftp is cumbersome and perhaps provided due to historical reasons. Some of the formating standards catered for include X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOM, HL7, Swift, ebXML.

Another sketch shows the hub-and-spokes solution. Their customer base includes large number of food retailers. Further analysis is required on management, funding and their business model.

Quick web analysis:

  • Website needs to be brought up to date with latest developments within the company.
  • I cannot find any announcements about the restructuring that took place last year or new advisers they attracted.
  • Given the look-and-feels of websites of competitors, a redesign is recommended
  • There is a transaction counter on home page – I would like to find out what it actually displays.
  • More effort is required on marketing.
  • More work necessary to attract partners such as Oracle. Route to market is not clear.
  • No screen shots are shown.
  • More case studies are required.
  • No brochure to download
  • Does not show any planned events or any events they intend to participate
  • No blog or RSS feed

As I said, above is a quick analysis. My gut feel is that lot more effort needs to go into the business to ensure competitiveness. It is not clear who their target market is. ebdex’s value proposition was geared for both SMEs and corporates – a difficult task but can be achieved given our flexible cost structure, where as Burns e-Commerce Solutions targets large multinationals and their cost structure will not permit targeting SMEs.

I will be back to comment on TBiConnect, hopefully not in the too distant future.

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