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e-invoicing projections from Billentis

Copyright: Billentis

According to Billentis, number of B2B e-invoices exchanged in Europe will grow by 75% from 240 million to 420 million. This is still a small fraction of the overall invoicing market constituting both paper and e-invoices. According to the presentation given by Bruno Koch at ExPP summit, the average number of e-invoices exchanged in Europe was around 123 million in 2005. This shows a remarkable upside for e-invoicing expectations in 2007, finally getting some traction.

Thanks Accountis Blog for the tip.

As seen from above sketch, Nordic countries continue to lead the market with just under 10% penetration, whilst Britain and rest of Europe lag behind with 1 to 3% penetration.

Both Accountis and OB10 are expected to increase their market penetration into both the UK and European market whilst Causeway Technologies Continues to increase its share of the UK construction industry. Burns e-Commerce has not recently reported any new client wins, but believe to be concentrating their efforts on leveraging further value out of existing clients whilst targeting multinationals with longer buying cycles.

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