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Speaker profiles of NW Start Up 2.0

Speaker 1 – Anish Kapoor – CEO of Yuuguu


Anish was co-founder of TeleCity PLC, the pioneering European collocation and data centre service provider. He is currently NXD for Jacamar, an online gaming infrastructure provider and a NXD for Xware, a mobile gaming software developer. In addition he has held various executive roles at EXML Systems a mobile software applications developer.

Speaker 2 – Ed French – Investment Director – Rising Stars – Enterprise Ventures


Edward joined EV in 2002, initially to help set up the RisingStars Growth Fund and later to assess and complete technology investments. Edward has assessed several hundred business propositions and has completed investments to date mainly in software and medical technology.

Prior to joining EV, Edward ran a technology transfer business based at the University of Bradford where he completed numerous licence deals and patents, and founded, and funded seven new spin-out companies, mainly in Telecoms, Medical Technology and Software.

Edward served as Chairman of Unico, the University Companies Association, which deals with issues associated with creating spin-out companies from University technology. During this time Edward gained useful exposure to building technology business teams, IP strategy work and financing, building upon the experience before Bradford of managing product development, sales and manufacturing in a number of engineering businesses.

Edward won a sponsorship from the National Engineering Laboratory to study Engineering Science at Cambridge, and has an MBA from the Bradford School of Management.

Speaker 3 – Robert Wakeling – CEO Wadaro

Robert Wakeling, CEO – Robert is the founder of Wadaro Limited and has been principle in early business development, in securing support from partners & advisors and prospective investors.  Prior to Wadaro, Robert held executive management positions at Openwave Inc. (NASDAQ:OPWV) and Magic4 Limited (acquired by OPWV).  In his time at these two companies, Robert conceived a number of products now shipping in over a quarter of a billion mobile phones world-wide and is putting his industry knowledge and contacts to good use at Wadaro.

Speaker 4 – Mark Birbeck – Founder and CEO of X-Port Ltd

Founder and CEO of X-Port Ltd, the company behind formsPlayer, an XForms processor that fully implements the W3C’s XForms specification. He is also the founder of Sidewinder, a company building a next-generation semantic web browser that seamlessly combines XForms with other languages such as SVG, MathML and X3D. He has nearly 30 years experience in software development, and has contributed to books and written articles on XForms, RDF, and XML.

He is an Invited Expert on both the XForms and HTML W3C Working Groups where he is particularly involved in the development of XHTML 2, a semantic-based version of XHTML. His most recent work for the W3C has involved proposing and developing RDFa, a new and simpler way to mark up RDF in documents without having to use RDF/XML.

Speaker 5 – Rhys Jones – Founder of Accountis Ltd

Rhys co-founded SecureTrading Ltd in 1996 and oversaw its growth to a highly specialised internet credit card processing company leading the UK market. He continued as MD for a further 18 months after the sale of the company to an investment group in early 2000. Rhys has pioneered many internet technologies, including distributed search engines, Java database adaptors, UK, European and US credit and debit processing systems, and advanced encryption and digital signature implementations.

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