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EIPP Specialists hijacking NW StartUp 2.0

One of my intentions without advertising has been to somehow combine NW StartUp 2.0 events with the presence of an EIPP specialist, where that specialist has a synergy with the theme of the event, which is entrepreneurship, funding and deal making. In the past, speakers included:

  • 1st event – me
  • 2nd event – Rhys

And now, Alain Falys for the third event. Looking at the registrations to date, we have following individuals, who run EIPP hubs/solutions attending this event:

  • Accountis – Founder & CEO
  • Causeway Technologies (Tradex) – Founder & CEO
  • OB 10 – Co-Founder & ex-CEO/Chairman (this is Alain)
  • Asite – CTO
  • Me – these days I call myself EIPP Evangelist (can you think of a better description?)

In addition, the sponsor of this event KPMG, is a partner of OB10. Being an opportunist, for a minute, think about the possibilities this creates…

Update 1

CEO of Asite just registered. Guys (surprise! surprise! all are men – where are the women), do you want me to arrange a pre-meeting before the event kicks off, given some of you have never met?

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