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Google EIPP rankings

These days most of us use Google for search. These are the results one gets when entering “eipp” as search criteria (time sensitive results, as you very well know):

  1.– ah, the NACHA’s Council for Electronic Billing and Payment site. Good starting point for anyone interested in EIPP.
  2. Forrester – this is Penny Gillespie’s 14 page report published in 2004. Still relevant. Still selling at US$399.00. I call this daylight robbery. Forrester is a genius at making money. This comes down to brand. Would anyone be interested in purchasing similar quality reports for fraction of the money Forrester is charging?
  3. Forrester– Andrew Bartels report on Accounts Payable, EIPP, Q3 2005 – Guess what? Its also priced at US$399.00. Again, a relevant report. Not sure why Basware was chosen as the highest-scoring vendor in Europe.
  4. Eastern Interconnect Phasor Project – nothing to do with EIPP as we know
  5. Accountis – well done to get this position. Is this simply because of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Or is there more to it than meets the eye?
  6.– ah, we know about this one, don’t we? Not sure why my chat with Andrew was picked up!
  7. webopia – poorly written definition for EIPP. My attempts at coming up with a better explanation on Wikipedia was removed by Wikipedians, as they considered it an unknown subject.
  8. webopia – well done to get two places. No better than the previous definition.
  9. ZDnet – Written in 2001
  10. Spendmatters– ah, Jason Busch’s blog. Nice to see another blog making the top 10.

I ran the same search on another computer at the same time. It produced the same results except for the 10th entry. Both used IE7. Mozilla Firefox produces the same results as above.What happens if we restrict this list to pages from UK?

  1. Accountis – well done again
  2. Accountis Blog – well done
  3. – glad to be no. 3 – but for how long?
  4. EIPP Conference taking place in September 07 – This is clearly an European event, and not a UK event. Perhaps the site is hosted in UK server.
  5. Chief Executive Officer – ah! a paper from Mike Arenth of Ariba advising on accounts payable benefits.
  6. ebdex – what can I say?
  7. ebdex– I am embarrased!
  8. Clerical Med – nothing to do with EIPP as we know
  9. ZDNet – white paper on O2C – second article on EIPP. Its not a subject covered by ZDNet
  10. TbiConnect – well done Simon – 2nd (ignoring ebdex) vendor on Top 10

So where is OB10, Xign, Bottomline Technologies, Esker, Ariba, Burns e-Commerce, Causeway Technologies, etc? Are they not concerned with web rankings anymore? Is it because most of them only offers EIP (not payment) solutions? Nope! for example, analyse the source code of OB10’s home page and you will find EIPP. Then what? Perhaps, smaller companies are paying much more attention to web rankings than the incumbents. Perhaps there is also the belief that you will not get leads through websites. I disagree. Even in its sorry state, ebdex continues to receive enquiries, from UK as well as from Europe. Is that sufficient to warrant SEO costs? You betcha, it is.

Update 1

Most of these companies seem to optimise their websites on “e-invoicing” rather than on “EIPP”.

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