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Let’s build the largest database of EIPP documents on edocr

It has been less than 3 weeks since the launch of edocr Alpha. Today, we allowed anyone to register an account on edocr. We will be at Mashup* DEMO on 2nd October, demonstrating edocr and will also attend Blognation launch party later the same day in addition to attending Future of Web Applications on the following day.

So far, 4 EIPP related companies have uploaded content to edocr, these being: ebdex, Paystream Advisors, Accountis and Causeway Technologies. All of the documents can be access through Here is the link for RSS feed:

Wouldn’t it be great if we can build the largest database of documents related to EIPP on edocr? I will certainly be writing to most of EIPP vendors over the coming months requesting them to upload their content. What are you waiting for? Upload your content today for better interactivity with your peers, customers, prospects and stakeholders.

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