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Daresbury Innovation Centre celebrates 50 tenants

ebdex moved to Daresbury Innovation Centre (DIC) within Daresbury Science & Innovation Campus (DSIC) in February 2006, when there was a handful of tenants, and everyone knew everyone else at that time. Time has passed since, and now DIC is getting ready to celebrate 50 tenant companies on Thursday 4th October 2007.

According to John Leake, General Manager of DSIC:

?We are delighted to have reached the milestone of 50 hi-tech tenant companies and look forward to supporting these businesses as they grow and develop. ?  

The 50th company to join the DIC is Quantum Detectors, a spin-out from the Science & Technology Facilities Council, specialising in detector technology ? a major strength on the DSIC. According to Roger Goldsbrough, Director of Quantum Detectors :

?In the Daresbury Innovation Centre we are perfectly placed to benefit from the world-class scientific facilities of the Daresbury Laboratory in close proximity and a ready-made network of like-minded innovators, entrepreneurs and support communities within the Centre. The impressive, modern building houses a superb facility in which to grow our new business.?

According to Mark Blackburn, Marketing Manager of DISC:

“DSIC is a partnership of the universities of Lancaster, Liverpool and Manchester as well as Halton Borough Council, NWDA and the Science & Technology Facilities Council and was established to create commercial opportunities out of the existing world-class scientific capabilities at the Daresbury Laboratory.” 

“Key to the success of the overall Campus is the Daresbury Innovation Centre, which provides a focused centre of excellence for scientific and hi-tech companies, and has attracted many businesses across a number of market sectors including digital / ICT, healthcare, electronics, instrumentation and advanced engineering.  This is supported by the rapidly growing Daresbury Network and access2experts programme which brings together a powerful community of high tech SMEs, multi-national companies, universities, service providers and other business support organisations.

The Daresbury Innovation Centre offers the ideal infrastructure for commercial and research- based collaboration and continues to strongly attract hi-tech businesses whether they are start-ups or established companies.”  

Here is a list of tenant companies at the DIC:


Instrumentation & Engineering



Business Services

Electronics & Instrumentation

  • Apple Sound 
  • Apple Dynamics 
  • Instrument Design Technology
  • Norcott
  • Shibden

Industrial Technologies



What is also fascinating is that number of these companies are run by Manchester Business School MBA Alumni. There are also serial entrepreneurs running more than one company. Isn’t it great to be part of a successful story?

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