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edocr gains over 50,000 hits so far this month – what are you waiting for?

We have reached the half point of November today, and what better to do than share some of our traffic figures (from 1st to 14th November 07) so far:

  1. Hits 50,027
  2. Unique visitors 44,940
  3. Page views 126,802
  4. New visitors 89.68%
  5. Reached 137 countries
    • USA (58.57%)
    • UK (9.41%)
    • Canada (6.06%)
    • Australia (2.09%)
    • Germany (2.03%)
  6. Keywords
    • EIPP (8.96%)
    • Paystream Advisors (3.08%)

Most business web sites never ever achieve this level of traffic. Hence proving another point why you ought to publish your public-facing documents to edocr today. The more you publish the more attention you get from us, the ever growing edocr community as well as the world. Make sure you add your URL to document description so that you create even more opportunities for knowledge seekers and referrers.

Let’s quickly look at traffic details for Oct 07 for three companies

  • – 11,598
  • – 1,639
  • – 6,775 (5,160 according to Google Analytics)

Now, you need to take above with a pinch of salt, as there is disparity between Google Analytics and Compete for edocr, so same may be true about OB10 and Ariba. But the bottom line is we are attracting significantly more traffic than EIPP vendor sites.

So, this also creates an exciting opportunity for advertising on edocr. This could be done in number of ways (uploading is free). If interested, please get in touch through usual channels.

I must take this opportunity to thank the team for their superb work in getting edocr to where it is today. We just started – long path awaits us.

Update 1

OB10 confirmed that above traffic figures are a long way off. This shows that Compete has not got it right. It is also unclear why different analytical packages give figures vastly different from each other. Who is right and who is wrong is difficult to conclude. Wonder whether there are any standards related to traffic analysis, does anyone know?

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