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My first ever Barcamp – 2 in 1 (Leeds + Ottawa)

BarcampLeeds is almost there, yes it is on tomorrow. This will be my first barcamp and I am really looking forward to it. I have been told that it is an event where you focus less on sales and marketing, but more on open dialogue, perhaps around a common theme. Instead of talking about e-invoicing, I have opted to talk about edocr without actually sounding like a sales pitch. Paul Robinson has helped me greatly to come up with a theme. So here goes…

Why Wikis suck for post production environment? Capturing the essence of document interactivity – a paradigm shift!

I am yet to start thinking about how to expand above. But in the meantime, here is the list of other excellent speeches planned for the day:

  • Intelligent human-computer interfaces and their possibilities – Reinhold Behringer
  • From start-up to £67m in 10 years – passing on the wisdom and hopefully not the pain 🙂 – Lee Strafford
  • From startup to £45m in 8 years (Learn from my mistakes 🙂 ) or Launching BT BizBox a small business CRM solution in 5 weeks – Dean Sadler
  • SEO Site Clinic – – Dominic Hodgson and Others
  • Why big companies are missing a trick by ignoring social media – Ian Green
  • Ladybank Company of Distillers – building a real co-creation business through the internet – Ian Green
  • Unleashing social media and technology for the good of local communities – Stuart Bruce
  • From Zero to Game in 30 Minutes – Tom Scott
  • From a Mobile Telephone to a Computer – a Reality Dysfunction Ian Hay
  • Why Wikis suck for post production environment? Capturing the essence of document interactivity – a paradigm shift Manoj Ranaweerareference
  • Drupal – Isriya Paireepairit
  • Conquering Time and Space – A survivors guide to distributed dev team management – Ian Pringle
  • ePaper? ShmePaper! – (how almost buying an ebook reader made me realise how cool the technology of books is) – 5m40s micropresentation, Guy Dickinson
  • LiveCoding: Introduction to Ruby & TextMate – Caius Durling 
  • How technology can drive regeneration in Northern Cities – Inventya, Valerie De Leonibus
  • One of three talks that you can choose from now, Paul Robinson
  • Dude! Where’s my hash? – a frank look at OS X after jumping from Windows and my experiences of the past 6 months – Dan Hardiker
  • Mind over Matter – How to take control of your state of mind, and of others – Dan Hardiker
  • Feed Mailer – (A little demo of Feed Mailer and a round up of the upcoming features) – John Slater & Chris Richardson (This is not 100% confirmed)
  • Doodol: Collaborative Mapping & Hyperlocal Search in the Post-Google Era – Ikem Nzeribe

One of the other firsts for this event is that there will be a 1 hour live video linkup with BarCamp Ottowa giving number of Northern Companies a chance to put themselves on Canadian map, vice versa. Companies chosen for this event include meecard, BizBox, Yuuguu and edocr. Don’t you love Imran Ali for coming up with these great initiatives?


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