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Forbes’ Top 25 Web Celebrities

I am a collector of people – the basic ingredient of networking. Forbes just published the list of Top 25 Web Celebrities. Here is the list:

1. Perez Hilton
2. Michael Arrington
3. Mark Frauenfelder
4. Seth Godin
5. Cory Doctorow
6. Matt Drudge
7. Gina Trapani
8. Mark Zuckerberg
9. Harry Knowles
10. Robert Scoble
11. Frank Warren
12. Om Malik
13. Will Leitch
14. Jeff Jarvis
15. Kevin Rose
16. Kathy Sierra
17. Fake Steve Jobs
18. Markos Moulitsas
19. Xeni Jardin
20. Ryan Block
21. Glenn Reynolds
22. Pete Cashmore
23. Steve Rubel
24. Heather Armstrong
25. Darren Rowse

What is not cool is my name is not there (joke!). In fact, I have dropped out of the 100,000th and now ranked at 294,012th on Technorati. Seriously, how many of above do you know? Even more seriously, are they of any importance or relevance to you? I have occasionally chatted with Mike Arrington, Founder and Editor of TechCrunch. When I asked, edocr was featured on TechCrunch, both in the UK and USA by his UK editor Mike Butcher. Others, I wish I could say the same about. So, who are the individuals from there I would like to get to know of? Here is the list:

  1. Seth Godin – because he is the guru of marketing
  2. Mark Zuckerberg – because he is the ultimate web 2.0 genius and would be a brilliant addition to edocr, as an advisor or shareholder
  3. Robert Scoble – because of who he is and tap into his marketing machine
  4. Om Malik – because its worth understanding his wisdom
  5. Kevin Rose – because he is another web 2.0 genius and there is a lot edocr can learn from him
  6. Pete Cashmore – because I want Pete to cover edocr on Mashable

So have I done anything to make myself known to these folks!

  1. Kevin Rose – connected on Digg (one way I believe)
  2. Pete Cashmore – connected on LinkedIn (no real communication)
  3. Robert Scoble – following on Twitter (no real interaction)

What would be interesting is to review this list in 12 months time and ask myself the question, do I know them any better? Or was the trouble to get to know them a useful exercise? However, if I can crack how I can be of help to them, then getting to know them will become much easier.

Now I also have another interest in getting to know these folks! Yes, wouldn’t it be nice for some of these folks to speak at forthcoming NW StartUp 2.0 events, so that the pleasure of hearing their story is not limited to me, but shared with the North Western Digital community? Now that’s worth spending time on, don’t you agree? Anyone wants to help me get some of these guys to Manchester on one evening?

By the way, Jeff Barr of Amazon AWS has promised last night to be the sole speaker at NW StartUp 2.0 DEMO on 20th March 2007 (nothing else is confirmed).

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