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2008: A year of recovery, consolidation and growth…

Let me start the first blog post of 2008 by wishing all my Readers a happy and prosperous New Year. I see 2008 as the year of recovery, consolidation and growth. I would like to take a moment of your time to share some of the activities I will be involved in. Without further ado:

1. Turnaround of ebdex

ebdex logoInspired by the significant market opportunity presented by e-invoicing (EIPP) due to lack of market penetration by then incumbents, I founded ebdex in Q4 04 to focus on developing a web based secure and scalable electronic document exchange to allow purchase-to-pay documents to be exchanged seamlessly between organisations, both large and small. Due to number of significant issues faced by ebdex during 2006, I terminated our business plan of launching a purchase-to-payment EIPP hub, and in 2007, re-positioned the company as a niche management consultancy advising both vendors and users of technology, in addition to providing e-invoicing (EIPP) and supply chain finance market analysis, as well as social-media consultancy in use of web and enterprise 2.0 technologies.

Key Focus: EIPP (e-invoicing) and Supply Chain Finance, and Social Media

Greatest wish: Like minded individual or two joins the company

2. Birth of edocr


edocr was founded in Apr 2007 to address a pain I was suffering from. These being: reduce Internet search time for documents on e-invoicing and related subjects and find an effective platform for publishing analyst reports on e-invoicing. At the first OpenCoffee Manchester event hosted by me in March 2007, I started speaking to Rhys Jones, CEO of Accountis (one of ebdex’s competitors before re-positioning) about setting up a business to solve my pain. Within a month or so, I found two other team members of long association, Mike Carter and Chris Haslam of Ixis, and the edocr was born. My long-term pal, Stuart Scott-Goldstone (now with Aarron and Partners) joined later to provide legal counsel. In Sept, we released Public Alpha. Reception to date has been positive, and we are now in the process of bringing value added fee paying functionality.

Key Focus: Enterprise market.

Greatest wish: Funding and talent secured.

3. Helping Northern Stars Shine

I have been running events to promote software startups in Manchester (UK) since Nov 06 under the brands of NW StartUp 2.0 and Mashup Manchester. Having run 6 events over the last 13 months, it is time to make this series of events more regular, popular and professional. The plan for 2008 is to host 12 events split evenly in to Business (StartUp Business Funding), Technology and DEMO. First event takes place on the 17th Jan at KPMG Manchester. In addition, we will soon be launching a new web site to promote these and other related events as well as promote software startups in the North.

Key Focus: Software Startups

Greatest wish: Sponsorship and Administrative Assistance secured.

4. Blogging Year Round

I am a strong believer that 21st century companies need to use the best available tools if they are to continually grow their companies as well as grow the market in which they compete. I see blogging as a vital tool which can help best-in-class companies extend their competitiveness further from the laggards. I will continue to speak of my favourite subjects with the hope of extending and broadening the readership. However, the delivery might be through number of blogs instead of through here as I own number of other URLs including

Key Focus: EIPP (e-invoicing) and Supply Chain Finance, and Social Media
Greatest wish: Recognised as one of the key niche business blogs.

5. Seeking Opportunities

In addition to above four areas, I am available for external opportunities, perhaps not as the driver or innovator, but providing mentoring, consulting or other services as the opportunity dictates. My professional profile will continue to be maintained on LinkedIn.

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