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e-invoicing service provider maximising the edocr advantage

Keeping true to my promise, I started a regular e-mail marketing campaign for edocr last Friday. I am yet to start a similar initiative for ebdex. Unfortunately, the SaaS product I used to produce the ezine does not allow me to create an effective pdf for uploading to edocr. I am yet to figure out how to keep a public record of ezines produced for edocr, ebdex and Northern StartUp 2.0.

Reaction to eZine

In the ezine, I identified four case studies, among them was Crossgate, which has achieved significant success on Google rankings due to uploading a single document on e-invoicing to edocr. Having read the ezine, Crossgate responded positively and immediately by uploading a number of other documents related to e-invoicing to capitalise from its prominent position on Google.

Among the recipients of the ezine were US based Ariba; UK based Accountis, United Data and Causeway Technologies; and India based CashTech (a subsidiary of FundTech of US). CashTech responded by setting up a special interest group. Now they need to attract members to the group to kick start and maintain the conversation. Here are the latest documents up loaded by Crossgate:


It is unfair to expect the same level of response from each of the recipients of the ezine. We are all bombarded by ezines and e-mails everyday. You need to strategically and/or tactically decide which ones to follow up and which ones to bin.


Assuming that edocr falls into the “follow up” or “action immediately” category, it is vital you grasp the basics of using edocr to maximise its impact on the websphere. Part of this is tagging. If you do not tag properly, the chances of finding your document by others will be minimised. Always follow the below guidelines (each document with at least 3 tags):

  • Your company and other relevant company names mentioned in the document
  • Type of document, e.g. press release, white paper, case study, product leaflet
  • Subject matter, e.g. e-invoicing, EIPP, SCF, spend management, business continuity

If you are uploading a document on e-invoicing (or another subject), find out the tags used by others on similar documents (e.g. accounts payable automation, finance automation). Avoid adding none relevant tags as this will bring less credibility to your documents over time.


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