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Influencers – Rhys Jones and Simon Grice

Currently, I am inspired by two individuals:

Rhys Jones of Accountis, sanoodi and edocr

I like his concept of having a pipeline of companies. His sweet spot is in setting up and nurturing a startup to revenue generation. He acknowledges that others are better experienced to turn these startups in to high growth companies. He has so far exited from two companies successfully. With number of other startups under his belt, his game now is to accelerate this process.

Whilst I cannot demonstrate the same level of success, I have now setup three complementary businesses; edocr (document interactivity platform), eveo (event management using edocr for event collaboration) and evigon (consultancy and advisory services providing number of services using eveo and edocr, where possible).

Simon Grice of and mashupevents

For some weird reason, Simon’s strategy makes sense. He has now consolidated his interests into a single organisation, This company services all of his other interests – the core team and therefore core competencies reside with a single organisation – a simple yet a very powerful concept. Unfortunately, I am behind in replicating this strategy.

edocr, eveo and evigon are three separate entities with different people involved. If the deal (currently in discussion with key member) goes through with evigon, evigon can provide accountancy services for all three entities. All three entities uses the same legal counsel. What is missing is development capabilities Simon has in-house.

My friendly development team is Ixis IT, who are inundated with projects. There is no way for me to bring them on board, as they are very successfull in their own right. So, the game plan has to be to develop this expertise over time. Outsourcing will never work unless resources are dedicated to serve my interests. One draw back with this strategy is that unlike for Simon, software development is an alien process for me. Looks like it will take a while for me to work this one out! Any suggestions


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