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Setting up a company is dead easy!

It has become very easy to setup a legal entity, and I thought of sharing some of the activities you need to undertake if you are thinking of starting a business. Here goes:

  1. Decide on company name.
  2. Check companies house to ensure the availability of the company name.
  3. Make sure the URL is available.
  4. Register the company – I used Company4less, which costs £20
  5. Register the URL – I used 123reg
  6. Register for VAT – takes about a month
  7. Open bank account – takes an hour with HSBC – it helps if they know you
  8. Find an accountant – this will be a service that evigon will provide – watch the space
  9. Find a legal adviser – can help if you are in the North West
  10. Find an office – if you are a digital startup in the North West, I recommend Daresbury Innovation Centre. If you wish an office in Manchester, I recommend eOffice
  11. Design a logo – plan to use logomaker. Any suggestions?
  12. Get the website up quickly – recommend Ixis IT, if you want a great site using Drupal CMS.
  13. Find a hosting partner for your website – again, recommend Ixis IT

Nothing new there, but the process is quite simple. What is harder is choosing a company name! It is most likely, the URL associated with your first choice will not be available. Be prepared to burn several hours in finding a URL that exists. My constraints were:

  1. Company name must start with an “e”
  2. Must be a cracking name

The lesser the constraints, the easier your job will be.

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