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The general belief is that this year’s election will be won by TV debate, but the impact the Internet will make should not be underestimated after the successful campaign run by Barak Obama during the last US presidential election. On the forefront of Internet campaigns, you find YouTube, Twitter and Facebook used by each of the main political parties to complement their own websites. Given that these are US products, one wonders why no British technology company has emerged as a key contender for social debate during the UK elections, which started today.

We are proud to bring your attention to, a British tech company run from one of the two key campuses for science in the country, i.e. Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus, which has also emerged as a favourite drop-in location for campaigning politicians. allows knowledge to be shared easily across the Internet through documents/pdfs. As we do not compete with YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, we would like all the contending political parties to consider us in their campaigns to spread their policies across the Internet. After all, documents/pdfs remain the main instrument in capturing details from one page to hundreds of pages, we believe strongly that we could provide a significant input to educating the UK electorate on what each party stands for during this election.

To kick start, we have setup a profile for each of the three main parties; at Labour Party, Conservative Party and Liberal Democrats, and have started a dialogue to handover these accounts. Tune to #UKElection2010 for new documents or set your reader for RSS Feed.

May you have the best information possible to make an informed voting decision!