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9 tips to improve visibility of your documents on

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Below is a list of tips to improve your document being found through search engines, third party sites such as social networks and on

1. Document Title: Ensure document title is more than two words, descriptive enough to justify content, and without hyphens or underscores (SEO)
2. Twitter: Set your twitter details for auto-tweeting (distribution)
3. Source URL: Edit document page to add your source URL (distribution)
4. Duplicates: Remove any duplicate documents to improve indexing by search engines (SEO)
5. Tags: Add all relevant keywords as tags to improve being found on (distribution)
6. Category: Select the most appropriate document category. Request new categories to suit your needs (distribution)
7. Bookmark: Bookmark to as many social networks as possible, and request your colleagues and friends to do the same (distribution)
8. Email this: Send document link to relevant colleagues and friends by adding their email addresses. Upgrade to edocr Essential to email to large lists (distribution)
9. Rate: Rate your own documents and request your colleagues and friends to do the same.

These are simple to implement. If you want traction for your documents, make sure you implement the above 9 points. Give us a shout if you need more information on any of the above points.