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Introducing my latest gig – LiveStax

I have been itching to share my involvement with Livestax, and this seems to be the best forum to announce it.

I was brought in by Phil Brown, the founder and CEO of UK’s leader in software for the construction industry to help commercialise Livestax, a new product incubated as a startup inside a mature tech company.


Livestax addresses number of pain points, among them, helping to increase productivity by unifying software you use everyday. Instead of having to jump from one software application to another to extract vital information, you will now be able to see everything on one canvass, configured to display just the business information you need, and helping you to take action from there and then.

Initially brought in for 3 months, I have the awesome privilege to help nurture the product, which has been developed over the last 2 years into a commercially viable well known and trusted brand, available to be discovered, trialled, purchased and used by thousands of businesses from all over the world.

Phil has an amazing team, which I will introduce in forthcoming posts, including the key differences I have observed between a brand new tech startup and one that is incubated by a mature company.


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