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Emotional Day!

Just got back home from two days of discussing strategy and commercialisation of Livestax with the full team and facilitators. We covered an amazing amount of work, got to know the strengths and weaknesses of the team much better than ever before. It has taken over 3 years since Phil Brown of Causeway Technologies and Ross Alderson of Powershift Media came up with the concept. We are finally getting closer to the public release of V2 of Livestax (V1 was launched inside Causeway in Jan 2014).

It was also an emotional day as I requested to become a partner to Livestax instead of being an employee. Cannot thank Phil Brown enough for this outcome. Very noble of him to grant my wish! Very emotional day!

Livestax will have 3 partners at public release, i.e Causeway Technologies, Powershift Media and my newco. Finding a name for the newco isn’t going to be easy!

Next is to break the news gently to my wife, and get cracking as my aim is to have signed up the first customer by Jan 1st.

For the record, this is my 8th business venture.

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