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Ajaz Ahmed #CutTheCrap

I had the pleasure to listen to Ajaz Ahmed, the founder of £1.6 billion Freeserve today at the TiENorth event at HSBC, Spinningfield, Manchester. I’ve hosted Ajaz before, in fact twice and he was the keynote speaker at our first Northern Tech Awards in 2011.

Today’s session was title #CutTheCrap and was full of great case studies and advice for the budding entrepreneur. What was remarkable about his speech was that every slide simply had a unique hashtag. It was optimised for tweeps.

Say everyday #ineedmycustomers more than they need me #CutTheCrap @Ajaz_Ahmed
10/11/2014 19:20
Love the #uglybabysyndrome #CutTheCrap @Ajaz_Ahmed say it’s no good when you know it’s no good #dontignoredisruptors
10/11/2014 19:17
Only get seconds to make an impact – #CutTheCrap @Ajaz_Ahmed experts are full of shit – challenge experts – don’t assume – #donthireassholes
10/11/2014 19:13
People buy benefits and not features #CutTheCrap don’t listen 2 customers – they cannot articulate problem enough – talk to them @Ajaz_Ahmed
10/11/2014 19:10
Learn #storytelling #CutTheCrap @Ajaz_Ahmed everyone should learn #copywriting simplicity is very hard – learn the art of retailing
10/11/2014 19:09
I failed explaining #livestax to @Ajaz_Ahmed it was too long – great test #CutTheCrap get to the point
10/11/2014 19:07
#seeittobelieveit entrepreneurs see things before others believe it #CutTheCrap @Ajaz_Ahmed
10/11/2014 19:04
@buddaboy @Ajaz_Ahmed great to hear you still remember #CutTheCrap @Techcelerate power of #observation #empathy
10/11/2014 19:03
Businesses need constant change – don’t stand still #CutTheCrap @Ajaz_Ahmed
10/11/2014 19:00
Amazing way to present! Every slide is a hashtag #genius #CutTheCrap @Ajaz_Ahmed for maximum market penetration
10/11/2014 18:58
Do the obvious before it becomes obvious to others #CutTheCrap @Ajaz_Ahmed #cnn #tedturner #innovation
10/11/2014 18:56
Learning about #conversationbias from @Ajaz_Ahmed #CutTheCrap
10/11/2014 18:53


  1. Ajaz Ahmed of Freeserve fame to give keynote speech at next NW Startup 2.0 event on 14 June 2006 @ KPMG Manchester
  2. Great Leaders 3 – Ajaz Ahmed of Freeserve
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