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Idiot’s guide to setting up a business – Part 3: website and email

Once you have the url secured, next step is to setup a simple website.

  1. Decide on the hosting provider. I highly recommend NetHosted, who provides awesome customer support.
  2. Transfer DNS to new hosting provider.
  3. If the hosting provider has one click setup of WordPress, go and set it up. There are many other solutions out there, but given the market dominance of WordPress, its really not worth thinking about others.
  4. Select a WordPress template and install it. I would suggest you go ahead with a free template to start with, as you are likely to change this after few months of running your new business.
  5. Add content to create one page simple website. Don’t spend too much time creating too many web pages at this stage.
  6. Remove any links to incomplete web pages. Remember, less is more.
  7. Don’t forget to add contact details.
  8. Activate blog and write a post or two.
  9. Next setup the MX records for email.
  10. If you have an existing free google apps account, setup second domain. If you are not stingy like me, do sign up for a new google work account.
  11. Setup Disqus commenting system for your blog.

Now that you have a company name, address, website and email address including socialmedia accounts

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