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Memorable quotes on my second exit

I’m hoping to write more about my experience of the second exit, but in the meantime, as there is no ideal place to capture some of the exceptional comments I received, thought of capturing them here…

Genuine and heartfelt congratulations Manoj. You’ve done something that very, very few people manage to do and ought to be justifiably proud, Ben Hookway

RESULT!!!!!! And now in the elite band of people who have actually sold tech businesses in UK and made money, Ian Gotts (exited Nimbus to TIBCO and keynote speaker, Northern Tech Awards 2013)

Well done. Shows how far you can get with imagination perseveranceRobert Wakeling. Wadaro, Founder & CEO

The story here is that I’ve refused to write a business plan and Robert used to pester me every time we had coffee or lunch.  Robert has always been there when I needed someone for a chat. Thank you buddy!

Bootstrapping all the way to the exit. That’s grit Mike Butcher, TechCrunch, Editor at large

I admire your tenacity and sheer grit Manoj, Claire Lee, Silicon Valley Bank (previously Microsoft BizSpark)

Any exit is a good exit, provided you live to enjoy it. Since you are clearly enjoying it now, I’d say you did very well indeed, David Bailey (Webmission08)

When I think of you, all that comes to mind is tenacity and perseverance. I remember how you invited me out to Daresbury in the early days of AWS and guaranteed to make the trip worth my while. I was happy to come up and have nothing but fond memories of my time there. Congratulations on sticking with your dream through thick and thin! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Jeff Barr, Amazon Web Services, Chief Evangelist

I’ve learnt lots from the journey I’ve seen you go on (the number 1 thing has been to believe and no matter what happens to never give up). Wishing you best of luck with UnitedVU. Tim Langely, CANNDi, co-Founder & CEO

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