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Scaling pre-maturely is a killer for startups

Scaling pre-maturely is a killer for startups. So why am I doing it?

1. Its about planting seeds for the long run
2. Get me to think about scaling

On the negative side, its a big distraction to immediate revenues

startup failure

Two weeks ago, we started our distribution channel, with Xero Accountants and in future with Google Apps Resellers

This week we started our developer channel, limiting to product vendors only. We thought we had 3 interested parties.

Just now, one of them want to take us in a different direction that we are not quite ready for. But it makes sense, as they are prepared to take a risk. So we might have developer channel with first independent developer.

And with that my friend, we might be ready for Microsoft ecosystem, starting with Microsoft Dynamics

At the same time, we have a chap wanting exclusivity for South Africa. But our approach as usual is, lets try with couple of customers before we could discuss exclusivity.

And then we gained a fourth kick ass ninja! Well its a cooler term than calling them advisors!

All above is fun, but the reality sucks! I need cash! And I hope that’s where our new ninja with permission to kick my back comes in.

In conclusion: startups sucks big time! if you have any sense, keep your day job!

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