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Life begins at 50!

It’s no secret, I turned 50 today and reached the mid point of my life. Instead of talking about under achievements and regret, I want to look forward to the future. But first I want to capture the day.

If it’s not written, it did not happen

My memory isn’t my greatest asset. And it’s bound to get worse. I believe strongly that if it’s not written, it would be damn hard to remember. Hence writing this post in the first place.

Bite-size wisdom: If you are a tech entrepreneur, a founder or a CEO, for god’s sake, write down your plans and especially your strategy. Don’t keep things in your head. If you do not write them down, what would you measure your progress (and performance) against?


The day itself

When I woke up, there was no grand plan. There wasn’t going to be a party of any form or shape as I flew to Sri Lanka in January this year to celebrate in style with 150+ batch mates from Royal College who were turning 50 this year.


As my wife was making (more than baking) a cake for a friend (2 to 3 day job), there was only going to be cake leftovers for me. And that was the plan of no plan, and I was perfectly content with it.

Birthday cake by InushiBut this is how it unravelled:

  • Email from my parents wishing me well.
  • 25km of cycling in the morning. This was shorter than my lunch time ride, but nevertheless, a healthy action.
  • Attended first ever North West Business Angels pitching event. Met two interesting companies. Had coffee with a business angel.
  • Took youngest daughter to her summer recital where she played the piano, only to be entertained by boys and girls of Sale Grammar for 2 solid hours. So much talent. I’ve never appreciated various forms of music until today. I felt as it was delivered especially for me.
  • Came home to find out a lovely cake baked by my eldest daughter
  • Came home to find out a delicious Sri Lankan meal made by a friend of my wife especially for me including devilled chicken. Wow, my wife does have great friends.
  • Finally, a handwritten birthday card from my youngest daughter with a special message just for my eyes.
  • Plus well over 50 friends on social media (90% on Facebook) wishing me well.

Altogether an amazing day! Even better, achieved without a grand plan (ignoring the trip to Sri Lanka in Jan).


I have challenges, just like most people on this world. There may be even bigger challenges ahead for me, but I want to enjoy every minute of my life, with my family and everyone who touches my life in anyway or form.

Life is so precious. We are all gifted (according to Buddhism, I could have been born as a worm and squashed by your shoes).

What’s the point of being angry and upset all the time? If we practise and project goodness (whatever it means to you), we will achieve goodness all around us.

So that’s what I plan to do, always with a smile. And that my friend, does not cost a penny.


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