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#GDPR – What you wish you could say?

Are you upset that you received no email from me regarding GDPR? Have you checked your spam folder?

Fear not, it was never written. I hear your cry.. how dare you not join in the GDPR? It’s kind of a big deal. Well, here’s my rationale.

If you land on my world, assume the worst. My world is where ever I or my companies are, online as well as offline. I do use paper and pen from time to time. I still have thousands of business cards unprocessed. Yes, I do meet a lot of folks.

We trial and use so much software, it’s best to assume you will be tracked and your details will be stored in many places. Are you scared now?

Do read on about Single Sign On… software applications are connected with each other one way or another. After all I’m in the business of integrations…It’s your fault of asking for higher productivity, which meant vendors making it easier for you.

One thing I can guarantee is that I will never sell your data knowingly, unless the company or a particular asset is acquired.

You are welcome to guess which company of mine where your data resides in. Guess what… they are also interconnected.

If you didn’t know, Linkedin where we had that last conversation, is also software. So is Facebook, and the list is endless. You no longer need to email to conclude a business transaction.

If you are worried about data privacy, it’s best to not land in my world. But then again you never learn, do you? You keep trying to sell me and end up in my world (I reply to all emails except those which ends up in spam folders)….and only to learn it was all your own making…

That’s not fair you say…did I request to connect? Well in that case, you shouldn’t have accepted it…should you?

Dude, chill out! Let the common sense prevail…

Don’t forget to hit me back with that email you were dying to send me. You have my universal consent. All I ask is don’t mention GDPR in it.

Have a wonderful GDPR day on the 25th.

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