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I saw the moon last night

The world we live in – the irony of western democracy or human nature?

Brexit happened and Remainers (I was one) are still not happy. What if Remainers accepted the vote and worked with Brexiteers for the good of the country and its people? Would we be in this mess?

Donald Trump got elected. The opposition never accepted and ever since trying to destroy the government instead of working together for the goodness of the country and the world.

We need strong and fair oppositions to keep those in power accountable. But not the way they are behaving today. Politics is the worst game in town.

But I think the way both countries are behaving is simply appalling. See how the East is slowly working together where west is all about sanctions.

#justsaying the bloody obvious!

And how the hell did Ukraine became the centre of universe in US politics?
Whilst I’m at this, when do you think the alternative U.N. will become a reality?

Few more things…

If the west is pushing for independence for Hong Kong, would we allow the same in the UK? Remember the saga in Spain? The west put sanctions on Russia when Crimea voted to join Russia.

Who do you think will win Sri Lankan presidential elections? 34 going at it?

What happened to Greenpeace? Has Extinction Rebellion taken over them?
Are the days of huge aircraft carriers over? Are hypersonic weapons the future for world peace?

How could we make UK relevant once again? Would it take 20, 30 or 50 years? The private sector marches on whilst the public sector is just about to be swallowed up by the US post Brexit.

What if we did not create a mythical enemy to hide our own failures, could we have found a strong trading partner in Russia? Do you know that the history is actually being rewritten to remove the Russian help in defeating Germany in WWII?

Why can’t we release the gold of Venezuela? £600 million+ we owe Iran? How much more do we owe the rest of the world?

What will happen when countries default on Chinese development loans?

Will Euro eventually replace USD whilst gold has become sexy once again?

Well, I saw the moon last night.